Do you ever have those times when you feel you have been working so hard on something – it could be anything from a project around the house to meditating every day for 15 minutes – and you are proud of what you’ve done or how far you’ve come and then all of a sudden you feel stuck or like you’re right back where you started.  Recently I have been working on accepting the things I can’t change (like the past) and even reframing them in ways that support where I am now, actually seeing them as positives for my current thinking or being. Sometimes, its easier when you have some distance on the thing! For example, I never finished my Master’s degree and I was so damn close! I’ve always told this story as a sort of failure, I didn’t complete something, I wasted time and money. But now I view the situation as something that supported me to move in another direction, create a life I craved and still support others in a way that is important to me.


But when things happen now and they seem negative, it’s harder to frame them in a positive light. We can’t truly see the purpose of the thing (if there is one!), we just feel the heaviness of it. Possibly, we see what we missed out on or how someone else may have been hurt. I think it takes a lot of compassion for ourselves (and others) to see past the immediate devastation or lack, and believe that, as the old adage goes, something good will come out of it. The problem is, we often don’t see the benefit or don’t see it for a long time. I guess that’s where faith can come in. I struggle with “it happened the way it should have, because that’s how it happened”, but, honestly, you can’t go back and change it, so it really is the way of things.  


I certainly don’t have the answers for all these deep considerations, but I know that if I continue on MY path to awareness and fulfillment, I can trust in the process and enjoy this great adventurous life!