So, I’d been thinking and wondering what and how I could do something different in my life that would impact more people in the world and that would bring me a ton of joy at the same time. 

I did a lot of soul searching (as well as google searching, people stalking, even fasting! What?) and finally I came to the conclusion that I wanted out of the daily restaurant grind and into a space I could control and soar! But what would it be and could I really do it? I was listening to podcasts and reading books and blogs and articles. I was going to yoga and to the gym and struggling to figure it all out.

As my vision for my new life was coming together, I wondered if I had what it took, and really, what did it take?! One day, as I was leaving the gym, I was thinking about how I really wanted a new sundress or outfit to go to lunch with a friend but I discovered I had left my wallet at home. I dug in my pockets and lo and behold I found a $10 bill. And, it just so happened there was an Old Navy with a sale sign out front (imagine that!).

I went in and started looking around, not really expecting to find anything, especially a dress, for under $10 (don’t forget about tax!). Of course, I didn’t, but they always have great t-shirts, so I started looking at those instead. Then, it hit me! This shirt says it all and I knew that was the sign of determination I needed! I decided that day that I was ALL IN and I would never change my mind! AND I was going to start sharing it with the world around me.