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life coaching for restaurant professionals

Individual Coaching

My individual coaching program can help you attain your goals by finding your personal power, putting the focus back on YOU and losing the worry, self-doubt, and fear that may be holding you back from being the best version of yourself and grabbing those dreams that seem just out of reach.

Team Coaching

I offer team coaching to help you better understand one another creating a more supportive and harmonious work environment. I will work one-on-one with your employees as well as lead your team with tailored exercises and training seminars. 

Introduction to Energy Workshops

The Resilient Restaurateur Energy Leadership Index measures the energy you and your team bring to work every day. These workshops provide a framework for understanding and managing that energy in a way that supports a healthy and profitable environment.

This is not a cookie cutter coaching program …

Restaurant professionals face so many challenges — even when times are good and everything is running smoothly. The obstacles many of us face now are beyond overwhelming. If you feel like your life has gotten out of control, it’s time to make a change. Together, we will collaborate to find your best path forward. I work specifically with people just like you — restaurant professionals who face the challenges of balancing business and career with family and self-care. I know many of the struggles you face personally and I want to provide you the comfort food your soul is hungering for. My approach to coaching comes from a place of respect and adoration for this industry I have been with for most of my life.

I see you, restaurant owner, as you struggle to make ends meet in a world that has radically changed in a way you never expected.

I see you, managers and chefs, as you try to motivate a team of people who are facing their own issues and working on their own agendas.

I see you, servers, cooks, and bartenders, as you push to bring a special and unique experience to guests who are not always appreciative of your contribution.

I see you. Now let me show you how I see you living strong and purposeful in a life you crave!

It’s time to mindfully look at serving yourself as well as others.

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

What energy do you bring to your life?
Do you see frustrating problems or do you see opportunities?

Your thoughts are energy. This is why mindset contributes to our success.
When we change our perspective, obstacles become a chance for strategy development. You shift from being stuck and spinning your wheels, into moving toward your goals with enthusiasm and positivity.

Coaching is your vehicle to move yourself — your team and your restaurant — to a balanced, well lived life. My role is that of ally who, from the outset, believes you have the unlimited potential to achieve the goals and dreams you have for yourself. Together, we can create the live you crave.


Want to see if energy coaching is right for you?

It is the mission of a coach to help their clients make the shifts necessary to live their best lives. I offer a holistic approach that includes all aspects of your life — including both in and beyond your restaruant.


Private coaching just between you and I.

Team Coaching

The team is the restaruant’s most valuable asset. Let’s work together to make your team more cohesive.


Want to step into coaching one step at a time? Join me for a workshop around a specific topic that intersts you!

It all starts with a simple phone or Zoom call

Are you ready? The shift you’re seeking is waiting for you to take action. Your next step is to click the button below and schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation with me. During this time, we will start the conversation about how coaching can change your life and how I can help you find the answers to reach your goals and vision.

About Me

Restaurant Professional Life Coach

Helping people find their truth and walk in the positive energy of joy is my calling in life. I have a love for the people who choose to serve others through the restaurant industry. Having been a Restaruant Professional myself, I know the struggles — and joys — of being in this industry. I want to share with you the path I found to bring happiness, peace and congruity to my life. You can find out more about me by clicking the button!

We Start Here

Let’s take a look at how energy affects your whole life — and especially your leadership. I utilize the ELI (Energy Leadership Index) assessment. This tool brings us insight on the conscious and unconscious patterns and belief systems that you access in “normal” situations as well as when you are under stress.


Through coaching, we will use the awarenesses gained from the ELI along with your values, goals, and vision to create the life you’ve been craving. We will make a plan together. I will walk with you as you make the changes and mainfest the things you need to make the life you crave your reality.

Bring the Team

You are not alone in life. When making changes and creating the life you desire, you will touch many other lives. Although I specialize in working with teams in the restraurant industry, I also can assist you with creating better relationships at home and throughout your life. 

Take My Resiliency Quiz

Are you in the driver’s seat of your life or is your life running you?

Do you feel like all you do is just try to play catch up?

Take this quiz to see how resilient you’re feeling right now in your life.

“I have worked with Pam for several months and feel like she has supported my growth in each session through her unique coaching style.  Pam is gentle in her approach while still asking questions that allow for deep reflection.  She will have intuitive hits during the session and ask the most perfect question that will help me to open doors in my thoughts.  She has reminded me of the ‘power of the pause’ to allow for time for reflection and identify how I am feeling.”


Feed your soul on a regular basis.

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