Let go. Forgive. Move on.
This could sound like I’m talking about the election or Covid or your ex, but I am talking about YOU. And ME. Separately, not together!

I’m talking about letting go of your past, your negative self-talk, your anger and hurt, whatever it is that is blocking you from getting to that next level. I believe this is some of the most difficult work of our lives; much harder than letting go of others’ actions that may have created hurt for us. I believe when we work on letting go and then forgiving ourselves we are more likely to be at peace with ourselves, love ourselves more fully, and become more of our true selves. We open up space for something new to arrive. THEN, it is a simple snap of the fingers to let go and forgive others. The realization that the love we have for ourselves can make that kind of difference usually comes very slowly, but sometimes there will be little bursts of joy and aha moments. And when those come, make sure you are aware that they are there and celebrate them, amplify them, so as to increase their potency.

Go from a down day to a clown day!
I think we often get in these negative loops, especially when we are having down days (and I expect that has been happening a lot lately). We ruminate and sulk and feel sorry for ourselves. And that’s ok. For a while. We must process our feelings or they just go deep inside and fester and come out later in a worse form. But after processing your emotions, it’s time to let go and move to a positivity loop! Sometimes, this may feel like you are being inauthentic because that is NOT how you are feeling right now. My suggestion, if you WANT to feel something different, is to pick something in your life that you have gratitude for. It may be the smallest thing – the meal you just ate, the sun shining, or the smile you are forcing onto your face! Often, just a feeling of gratitude can bring some lightness to your mind. A quick walk or a stretch and a word of thankfulness for your body can get you started on that path, too.

I would like to say that it IS possible to take yourself from a down day to a clown day! Find something that makes you smile or laugh and then share it with someone. The energy created sparks more good feelings and the loop is going! All of a sudden, you realize you are in a different space, moving on, and seeing the world in a new and brighter way!

I’m not telling you to cover up the pain by any means and trust me, it will be there again, but allowing yourself to have, and truly feel, a bit of joy in your life, even during painful times, is ok.

Processing feelings can be scary, so if you need someone to go through this with you, make sure to reach out to a friend, counselor, hotline, or coach. I’m always here for you, so please reach out if you are feeling down and/or ready to get to that next level in your life.

Namaste, cheers to your soul!